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Hi there Rapid Time Network Affiliates, have we got some deals for you!

One of the great benefits of being a Rapid Time Networks affiliate is that you get to make commission on products and services you yourself don’t even offer and probably never thought of offering.

Know someone who needs some accounting or legal advice? Pass it on! If one of our vendor partners helps them out you can make a pre-determined commission from the vendor partner just for passing on the lead! We, at Rapid Times, negotiate the deals and the commissions you can earn. You, as an affiliate pass on potential new business and even suggest new vendors. If you know someone looking for a new photocopier, a printing job, to move some freight or, in short, pretty well anything, we can go to our network and find a deal for you on which you can make commission!

Another example: I’ve got a great sports physiotherapist, whose services I’ve recommended to a dozen people. I’m helping him develop his offering as a Vendor partner. So now, when I refer someone, I make a small referral fee, and so as an affiliate can you! Simply fill out the lead form, we pass it on to the vendor who then facilitates the transaction. Notifies us and pays the pre-determined commission. Simple and straightforward.

So what do we have for you this week, our very first affiliate news sheet?

If any of you have ever been to Blenz lately, and let’s face it not many of us haven’t. You’ll know that they have a great service where, when you buy your coffee, you get an hour of free high speed wireless internet access. Pretty cool!

Well, if you know anyone who wants to offer a similar service to their clients, the gentleman behind this great program, Robert Martz and his company Logic Hotspots, have put a great deal together for us where, as an affiliate, if you pass on a lead that results in a new client, you can make a $25 commission.

Certainly worth the time to pass on a lead! Simply click here and put Logic Hotspots as the preferred vendor.

That’s how the program works we pay you a commission for a successful referral No fit, no cost!

As an affiliate, you get to connect potential new clients with qualified vendors and earn commissions for your efforts. Not that it takes much effort! Unless you consider filling out a form an effort!

Maybe you know someone who has a product or service that could benefit from accessing our connected team of affiliates to help find new clients for them? Guess what? You can earn a commission for referring them to us.

You don’t have to do any selling simply pass on the lead to us and one of our qualified staff will connect with them and explain exactly what we’re doing and determine if there is a fit, or not. It’s that simple.

Send us the lead – click here

Your commission for every new vendor that signs up is $75! Talk about a win win!

What are you doing on Wednesday October 19th? Well, Neil Godin, “The Turnaround Guy” and author of “Selling in the (Comfort) Zone”, is putting on a 1 day clinic on how to use the internet to get customers coming to you!

If you, or anyone you know might benefit from this “hands on, what can we do right now” style course from an undisputed authority pass on the lead, click here.

You can make an extra $25 for every lead that attends.

Help us register them before October the 12th and they’ll even get a copy of Neil’s eBook “How to Start Your Economic Recovery – Right Now!” an extra $39 value!

Spread the word and submit the leads!

Lastly for this week’s edition, but certainly not least, is Des Dougan’s Consulting Group.

We all run into computer challenges from time to time and I’m sure we can all think, right now without any effort at all, of half a dozen people who can use some straightforward advice, or simply another opinion.

Des is a hands on, straight talking guy, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in pretty much all things computer related.  From developing and implementing high level strategic plans to troubleshooting and technical support.

Dougan Consulting Group, if they can’t help directly, will steer you In the right direction with their trusted partners.

Des is already benefitting directly from new business resulting from Rapid Time referrals, as are both his new client and Michelle, the affiliate who passed on the lead, and so, now, can you!

If you know anyone who needs his help click here to pass on those leads now!  Michelle stands to pick up 2½ % of what could be a several thousand dollar project! Was it worth it to make the connection? I think Michelle and Des both agree that it was.

If you aren’t an affiliate yet or know someone who may want to become an Affiliate in our Rapid Time Network and benefit directly from the growing number of affiliate vendor partnerships on offer click here to apply

Watch out for next week’s news sheet for even more hot deals! Want to be featured in our newsletter? Become a vendor and get we’ll help you started today!

To learn more; joins us next Tuesday evening October 11th at 7pm for some Real Time, Rapid Time Training, online.

You must pre-register by clicking here as space is limited. Once registered you will receive an email confirming your registration with information you need to join the Webinar.

Bring any prospective new Affiliates and/or Vendors by forwarding them the registration link.  Email your questions and comments in advance to myself.

Here’s a link to yesterday’s online training session to give you a flavour.

We’re also on the lookout for new Vendor Partners in the following industries: Printing, Office Supplies, Telecommunications and Insurance. So if you can think of anyone who might be a good fit… Let us know!

That’s it until next week’s edition and, I’d think, plenty to chew on!

Until then,


Mark Wright

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