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Simple enough question. However, what you know about who you know could be worth something!

Do you know anyone who owns a Café, Restaurant, Coffee Shop or Pub. Hotel, Motel, RV Park, Marina or Campground? Are they interested in making wireless internet available to their customers yet?

If they do have it, are non-customers and even some customers abusing the free Wi-Fi? Is the establishment interested in using Wi-Fi to their fullest advantage, to market and communicate and connect effectively to their customers?

If the answer to any of that is yes then submit the lead; we’ll connect them with Robert Martz at logic hotspots, the guys that implemented the Blenz coffee Wi-Fi system so cost effectively, and if there’s a fit you can make a residual commission! Simple isn’t it.

Who do you know who has ever contemplated or fancied sponsoring a race car.  The smell of top fuel and burnt rubber and the roar of ridiculously over powered engines being pushed to and beyond breaking point and well over 250mph, holds a certain, almost childlike fascination, for a huge and very broad demographic, yours truly included!

It costs you nothing to pass on a lead to Jim Obalek, one of the best drag racers in the game with one of the most recognizable Nostalgia Nitro Funny Cars, Twig Zeigler.  If your lead pans out and Jim strikes up a sponsorship deal he’s happy to pay a commission for helping set up the deal. Instead of just win-win its win-win-win before the racing even starts!

Maybe you know someone who desperately needs to get out there and find more business, meet more people? Guess what? We already have two, top notch Networking groups happy to pay a commission for referring new members. High Output Business Networking and Donna Willon’s Focused Networking offer friendly and effective open networking opportunities.

I know Donna in particular is looking for people in Surrey and Delta who specialize in Web Design, Graphic Design, Marketing, SEO and Social Media as well as Photographers and Advertising and Specialty Promotional Products.

I already know we have affiliates and even vendor partners from all of those areas themselves and I know you all know of others for whom this could be a great fit.

You must be getting how this works by now… Pass on those leads and we’ll make sure they are looked after properly and if, and only if, there is a fit and business gets done, that’s right, we pay you!

Donna is also a master at the whole LinkedIn and Social Medial side of things and runs a great course, so if you can think of anyone who needs to improve those skills pass on the lead and we’ll show them Donna’s hands on course!

Another course, fast approaching, and it already seems that everyone in town is talking about this one, Neil Godin, “the turnaround guy”, is putting on a show!

How to use the internet to get qualified customers coming to you!

Who doesn’t need that these days? Let us know if you know someone who’s interested, we’ll hook them up and pay you a commission! But act fast, this event happens next Wednesday the 19th in Langley and seating is limited!

Here’s Tuesday Rapid Time Networks Overview, Training and Vendor Profile Webinar recording from Tuesday evening and don’t forget to Register for Monday night’s presentation at 7pm. (that’s Monday, October 17th at 7pm)

You have to pre-register to hold your seat and if you have anyone that you’re struggling to explain the exciting new concept, that is Rapid Time Networks, share the registration link ( with them before we fill up all the spaces. We doubled our attendance week over week so reserve your own seat and those of your guests to avoid disappointment. Let us explain the business model for you.

If you want to profile your business to the affiliate network and get us all out selling for you, the best deal is to register as an affiliate first and then take advantage of the vendor partner special discounted offer! Do it quickly and we could be profiling you as early as Monday evening!

Let us help you to profile your business in front of our network of professional affiliates!

Those of you that want to catch up with George and I, we’ll be at the Buzz Café in Yaletown from 7am until around 9!

So don’t forget, take 5 minutes and think of who you know? Who fits? Fill out the form, it could be very worthwhile.

Happy networking, get out and enjoy the sunshine! The weekend is set to be glorious!!!


Mark Wright

+1 (604) 219-3610


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