November 3rd Hot Sheet

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We had a really great webinar Tuesday Evening. In case you missed it or would like to forward it on to some potential new members or Vendor partners here’s a link.

Featured as Vendor partners were Donna Willon, Doug Anderson and Hans Looman.

Donna Willon is offering a fantastic new product to our affiliates: Prime Prospects provide a first class database of who’s who in business in Vancouver. If you’re looking to directly contact decision makers in vertical markets that fit with your business OR you know of someone who needs this kind of a leg up, submit that information as a lead to us and we’ll make sure you’re connected with Donna. They have several packages available and Donna has put together an attractive commission for our affiliates to make it worth your while to pass on the lead.

Doug Anderson from DA Top Talent works with businesses small and large as a consultant to bring focus, productivity and profitability. If you know of anyone who could use an external catalyst to facilitate the process of improvement Doug could very well be the guy. It costs you nothing other than the time to fill out the form. So, pass on the lead we’ll put the lead together with Doug and if there’s a fit and they choose to do business you stand to make a commission on the resulting transactions. That’s how this business works we pay a commission when business gets done, pure and simple.

Hans Looman has a really interesting product on the cutting edge of business information marketing & web interface. I know by now, most of will be at least aware of what QR codes are. For those that don’t here is one:

What does it do? Well, if you scan it with an App on your mobile device, such as can be downloaded from, it will take you to a web page. In the case of this one, our twitter home page (Please follow us if you aren’t already). If you or anyone you know is in the slightest bit curious about how to leverage this cutting edge technology in ways that will make it easier for customers to find, and do business with them, submit the lead and we’ll connect you with Hans and, with the commissions he’s agreed to pay through the Rapid Time Network, it’ll be worth your time to submit those leads! Or, if you just want one right now go here

In addition to all these great vendor offers we’re specifically looking for commercial realtors in the valley, participants in Focused Networking groups in Delta & Surrey and specifically in the fields of needs Web Design, Graphic Design, Marketing, SEO – Social Media, Photographer, Advertising Specialty – Promotional Products.

We need Cellular phone deals – know anyone at Rogers who deals with commercial accounts?

If you know anyone in need of reassessing their insurance, having computer challenges, anyone running a restaurant who doesn’t have Wi-Fi submit the leads We’ve got some great vendor partners in graphic and web design and even promotional gift products. So if you know anyone in the market for any of these services, submit the leads and we’ll connect them to our vendor partners. Or, if you know anyone with offerings we currently don’t have send us their info, invite them to one of our webinars or training events and we’ll help them set up their own vendor offerings…

Know anyone who wants access to a Blackberry exchange system for iPhone, Blackberry or Android? Sync emails calendars notes etc. etc… between home, work and mobile instantly for only $9.99 a month submit the lead!!!

If you know anyone, AND I MEAN ANYONE, who travels to the US, even occasionally, submit the lead NOW! They will want to know what we have coming up as soon as it’s ready to go LIVE in a matter of weeks…

Join us each Friday morning in Yaletown at 7am at the Buzz Café for an early morning cup of Joe, the muffins are fantastic, oh and some great business networking and updates on Rapid Time Networks Affiliate expansion and our collaborative blog, Rapid Time News.

Watch out next week, and circle next Wednesday the 9th at noon in your calendars. As one of the benefits we provide to our vendor partners we’ll be shooting 5 minute infomercials in streaming HD. We’re beta testing the technology this week, but moving forward, every Wednesday at noon, we plan to interview 2-3 of our vendor partners at Strut Studios in Yaletown. This high quality HD video feed will be used to better educate our affiliates about you and your vendor partner offering and will also be made available for you to stream from your own websites should you wish. If you’d like to get on the schedule, send me an email and we’ll book you in.

Our online training and vendor partner profile webinars take place weekly each Monday evening at 7pm. – Register Now at:

If you are a vendor partner who has yet to be profiled contact us to schedule a slot in the coming weeks… If you have yet to submit your vendor profile fill out this form and we’ll get your basic promotion profile set up and work with you to customize it to maximum effect.

Invite any guests to join us on this webinar that you’d like to learn more about our program and let us explain the benefits for you – It’s not only easier, I know you’ll find it more effective.

Just forward them this link. (Same as one above)

The Webinar will be held each Monday evening at 7pm; here are the dates for your calendar: November 7, 14, 21 & 28

Once registered you will receive an email confirming your registration with information you need to join the Webinar.

Be sure to send the link in this email to your guests AND NOT the personalized link in your afore mentioned registration confirmation email.

Call us if you need any help, if we don’t immediately answer send us an email with your questions and as much detail as you can and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. If urgent send a text to my number below.

In closing, here’s a really cool way to send us your leads as soon as you run into them. I know you’re all attending multiple business networking functions anyway (if you’re not you maybe should think about it – if you want to see what events are coming up in Vancouver go here to see our local business events calendar).  We’ve all been in the situation where someone mentions something that resonates, we make a connection with someone or someone else’s business, the moment passes and we fail to act on it. In our business that costs you money, an opportunity missed! A chance to make a commission lost! Follow this link on your mobile device yes, it’s submit a lead! Once there from the menu of your device select the “Add to Home Screen” option.

It will create your very own Rapid Time Network Submit a Lead Application. Pretty cool, and easy to use. No longer will you miss the opportunity to make the connection, before someone else does!.

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