November 15th

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Great call last night on our weekly Monday evening webinar – Make sure to register for next Monday’s call (7pm each week) and forward this link to whoever else you’d like to attend and make sure they pre-register as space is limited.


Here’s the link to the recording for those that couldn’t make it LIVE!


Featured Vendor partners on this week’s Rapid Time Networks weekly webinar  were Assunta Iannilli CGA with an exciting offer to customize a program that maximizes tax savings and incorporates it into a cohesive strategy to help you on your way to fulfilling those goals! If you know anyone who might appreciate the hands on focused approach simply go online and send us the info and we’ll make the connection. If they do business you earn commission. Simple. You can even do it straight from your mobile phone with our mobile RTN App. Simply navigate to the submit a lead page and add the link to your home screen. A custom Rapid Times App will appear on your home screen making submitting those leads a breeze. Even while you’re still networking!


Also featured, Jaime Ward, champion boxer and super talented designer, with a fantastic offer to put a Search Engine Optimized, Google analytics ready website together in WordPress. WordPress gives, even the technologically challenged entrepreneur, the ability to update alter and enhance the site themselves, on an ongoing basis, without constantly having to involve the ever more expensive services of your, hard to get a hold of, web master. If you know anyone looking to develop or overhaul their online presence Jaime is certainly worth involving early in the process! You know the drill by now; send us the lead on our simple lead form, we’ll make the introductions and if they do business you make money, so take the time now while those thoughts are still fresh to fill out the form – it may just be worth your while. They’re probably going to find and pay someone to help them sometime soon anyway. This way, your contact gets a great looking and effective new site at a great price and you make a small piece of the action for making the introduction. How fair is that! WIN, WIN, WIN!


Just take careful note of the way these ladies spell their names! ;-)


Remember that all of our Vendor Partners offers are highlighted in you Rapid Time networks Affiliate back office. Click here to login… We have wireless internet hotspots for restaurants; we have insurance and financial services; we have web design, promotional items, cool web tools, App designs for mobile devices. We have weight management systems, Sales contact databases, social media training, business networking, computer service, race car sponsorships, financial advice, consulting services, QR codes, website marketing devices, barter opportunities  and much, much more in the pipe line.


If you know anyone who might benefit from promoting their products or services to our network of professional business people: Anyone who may want to hire their services and access their connections, in effect hiring our talented local sales force: submit them as a lead.

Then, and here’s the key, introduce them to our network by using us, and the tools we’ve developed for you: Either on our Monday webinar, our website, by forwarding a copy of this Hot Sheet or by dragging them out to our regular weekly meetup (join here) on Friday’s at The Buzz Café in Yaletown, at 7am. Use these tools to help explain to your prospective new Vendor or Affiliate who we are and what we are doing. It’s not only easier than trying to do it by yourself, you will find it much more effective. Pique people’s interest and let us help you from there…


We also have a strong presence at local Networking meetings and especially HOBN and Focused Networking. If you want to join us, check out the events calendar at our sister publication Rapid Time News, our collaborative blog made up of local entrepreneurs and experts. Got something relevant to share with our local business community why not become a contributor! It will raise your profile and personal brand as well as educating our audience about what it is you do so well!


As part of the communication process we are also working with the good folks at Strut studios to put together weekly streaming HD video updates of our Vendor Partner offers. All our Affiliates and Vendor Partners are more than welcome to join us this Wednesday at noon as we continue beta testing the technology and each Wednesday thereafter as a Vendor Partner, to profile your offer and educate our Affiliate Field Sales Force. Contact me if you are planning to attend.

This is some really, really cool technology. Ultimately you’ll be able to stream real HD quality video from your own website, and even from a Facebook application, showcasing your five minute professionally put together infomercial vignette to the World!


We’re still looking for Photographers, Commercial Realtors in the valley, Telecommunications representatives, Advertising sales, wholesale furniture… so keep those leads coming 

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