Hot Sheet November 29th

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A whole bunch of great info to run over, including more about that phone bill, so I’ll try and keep it concise but do read on, and click on a few links along the way…

I just put up a promo video presentation on the home page that anyone can use to pique a prospective new affiliate or vendor’s interest. Forward it to your contact to give them a real quick (1 minute 24 sec to be precise) introduction to what it is we’re doing. Tweet it out, share it with friends or post it to LinkedIn. I think you’ll find it will raise questions, which, after all, is what you want. If someone’s interested, bring them out to a meeting. The Buzz Café each Friday at 7am in Yaletown for our weekly meetup. I’d just ask that if you attend you put some money (up to $10 preferably) over the counter, grab a tea or coffee and some breakfast ;-).

We’re filming our Vendor Partners LIVE in Yaletown at Strut studios at noon tomorrow, Wednesday 30th November. Get there by 11.30 if you plan on being profiled. There may be one spot still available. If you wish to attend, email me quickly and I’ll let you know what we need, to profile you to the best of our abilities. Everyone is more than welcome to attend, affiliates, vendors and guests: In fact we encourage you to come out, network, and see how cool this new technology is!

Both George Moen and myself will be at the Tri Cities HOBN meeting at the Coquitlam Grill, 2635 Barnett Highway profiling Rapid Times at 6pm on Wednesday. A great venue to bring any prospects you may have so we may explain the Rapid Times program for you. I believe George will also be at HOBN in Kitsilano on Wednesday morning and in Langley, Thursday evening

Here’s the link to the recording of last night’s call for those that couldn’t make it LIVE! And it’s streaming from our hot sheet page along with this and previous Hot Sheets…

We profiled some fantastic offerings this week. Bonnie Sainsbury and Marilyn Anderson shared just how pivotal the mobile platform has become in making the connection with today’s customer. The functionality and usefulness of today’s App is incredible and the webpage simply can’t compete when it comes to ease of use. If you or someone you know runs a business that could benefit themselves and their customers with a mobile App you need to submit the lead and allow these ladies the opportunity to show them how they can help them explore this media space. Check out their restaurant App: You can phone, get directions, share it with a friend (so they know where to meet you), check out the menu, see what events are scheduled and even book a table all from your phone!


Donna Willon walked us through her LinkedIn profile and pointed out just a few of the simple things I know most of the rest of us aren’t doing or are doing poorly. Donna offers hands on LinkedIn training either in groups or one on one and is prepared to pay a commission to anyone who refers someone to her that takes her training. Why would you not want to submit the lead? Donna, who has had quite literally decades of networking experience, can translate that experience to the corporate social media platform that is LinkedIn. Why not get help from the best, with what is effectively your online resume!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Uniserve have signed a deal with Rapid Times that allows our affiliates to sell phones! To be more precise if you know anyone still using land lines (and who doesn’t) with their permission, pass on the lead to us and we’ll put together a proposal for them to supply their phone service at what will undoubtedly be a better rate and better service.

Uniserve, who’ve been around since 1988, provide all the latest technologies in digital phone service and high speed internet but they also provide personalized customer service and solutions. You get to deal with real, local people!  You can earn a piece of the residual monthly bill for phone lines and even earn a commission on hardware installs! Most medium size businesses have 5-10 phone lines and at $50 a line it adds up fast. Why not see if we can put together a better deal for your contact? Send in the lead! Uniserve are experts on everything phone and internet service related and even 1 800 numbers. Do your contacts a huge favour and send us the lead and we’ll put a proposal together. If the relationship results in business being done you make a commission for nothing more than passing on the info!


Last deal for this week, I promise!  We’ve done a deal with Webnames to give our affiliates the ability to organise all their internet presence under a single umbrella, from webhosting to email! So don’t give your website business up to pay for Danica Patrick’s swimsuits at Godaddy! Keep it in the Rapid Time Network! Next time you, or anyone you know, is checking the availability of a web name, use us! There’s money in it for you, buy yourself a new swimsuit!

Keep an eye out for those leads that could earn you a commission. Be sure to pass them on as quickly as you can, first to submit the info get’s credit in the event a deal gets done! Remember simply navigate to our submit a lead page on your mobile device and add it to the home screen to give you an easily accessible icon & App that makes submission a breeze, even while you’re on the road or in a meeting. (Of course by on the road I mean “not in your office” and not “while behind the wheel”!!)

Make sure you’re registered for next Monday’s call, LIVE each week at 7pm, and forward this link to whoever else you’d like to attend. And yes, if you’ve registered once you are registered for all webinars and receive a reminder each week with your customized login hyperlink.

That’s it for now, hope to see you at Strut at noon tomorrow and/or Tri-Cities at 6pm and of course breakfast at the Buzz on Friday; it’ll be December by then, the season for eggnog lattés begins, what better way to start the day!

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