December 8th

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What a week! Here’s the Hot Sheet at last. Great webinar Monday evening, here’s the link…

Highlights from Vendor standpoint were Tom Taylor with a very attractive offering from Securus to provide merchant credit and debit card services to whatever vendor needs them. They have very attractive rates that will more than likely undercut your current providers so why not give them a chance to give you or your contact a competitive quote. Submit the leads to us and we’ll connect them. If the proposal works and a deal’s done you make commission. Simple!  So, think, who runs a business and processes credit cards or debit cards or paypal in person or online? Get the contact details to us and we’ll see if there’s a fit.

Sunnette Jones gave an engaging presentation of her Isagenix business with an offer to help your contacts with w weight and health management system. This stuff really works! I lost 14 pounds in a 9 day cleanse. So whether its an overall improvement to your health and lifestyle or an urgent need to lose a couple of pounds, submit the lead and I know Sunnette will do a stand up job of making sure you’re taken care of…

George Moen also gave some great advice on building out your own network. How to pique interest using the splash video from the front page or a really brief overview and then simply introducing your prospective new Affiliate or Vendor Partner to us at one of our regular weekly events; be it our Monday call at 7pm, StRut studios at noon on Wednesday or the Buzz Café each Friday at 7am in Yaletown for our weekly meetup. Many of you are already having lots of success utilizing these tools, systems and venue as well as many of the HOBN meetings we attend.

Please do share with us your initial impressions of what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. Email Me so we can learn from your experiences and continue to hone and improve what we deliver to you our Rapid Time Network Partners so that we may continue to offer you “ridiculous value” for your membership.

Speaking of ridiculous value, here’s this weeks LIVE stream from the StRut studios featuring Scott Berg from Trade Exchange Canada and his Barter Network, Donna Willon from Focused Networking talking about her network, business coaching and LinkedIn training offerings and Uniserve with their great offer to reduce the cost of your monthly telecommunications invoices.

It’d be great if you can make it out to the Buzz Café tomorrow morning for our weekly meetup, Have some breakfast, bring some guests and get some great training on how to build out your network.

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