December 13th “Don’t Pay For It Trade For IT!”

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Know anyone who’s struggling right now? Warehouse full? Cash tight? Inventory slow turning? Rooms empty? Who doesn’t!


Did you know that there is a whole “alternative economy” out there where people are trading, their time, their excess inventory for Trade dollars which they can use to barter for the products or services of others in the same situation.


Scott Berg, from Trade Exchange Canada, has been running his barter network for many years and has many, many high profile clients already leveraging this great system, Pattison group, Vancouver Sun & Province, Golf courses, printers, accountants, personal trainers, restaurants, furniture wholesalers the list goes on and on. Can’t afford the budget to advertise for new clients? Talk about a catch 22. Trade for it!


If you know anyone who is in anything like that kind of situation pass on the lead. Don’t even try to explain exactly how it works, Scott and his team do a way better job of explaining the relevance to the business person in terms specifically relevant to their situation. Explore some really interesting tax advantages as well!!!


Anyone looking to spend real money on anything should first make a call to Scott and his team. Don’t pay for it, Trade for it is their motto. Pass on the lead, we’ll make the connection.


Not only has Scott offered a 20% discount on the account start up but will pay our affiliates $25 for every new account they refer. So start submitting those leads.


Scott does a much better job of explaining their value proposition both on Monday evening’s weekly webinar – here’s the link if you missed it–


And on last week’s StRut HD Video presentation –


Also profiled again was Logic Hotspots, who are already converting the leads that are being sent in. This really is a no brainer! Next time you’re at a coffee shop, restaurant, hotel, wherever frankly, and you notice their Wi-Fi is locked or non-existent and you’re on 3G or 4 through your cell phone provider, you know you’re paying for it. Ask if the manager’s open to looking at turning their Wi-Fi into a resource and a benefit for their customer. Limit the customer’s downloads, the time they can spend on there for free. You can even advertise to your customers, deals of the day, discounts, capture their email and build your client database. Have those conversations with the store owners, pass on the leads and you stand to make money just for the referral.


Login to your affiliate back office to view this campaign and other offers you can share while you are out and about doing whatever it is you do. Add our website to your home screen for ease of mobile access and to keep front of mind to be looking for leads for our partners.


Just have another look at your rolodex or contact list. Look at all the phone numbers for businesses in the area. Most of those folks are paying top dollar to Telus. $45 a line for every phone line coming into their switch. Drop it to $29 for them and make commission for passing on the lead. Our partner Uniserve can not only shave their phone bill but offer better, personalized service, high speed internet and toll free numbers. Take a quick look through your contact list and make a couple of calls right away to see if there is an interest. It might just be very worth your while!


Remember to build an effective Rapid Times network you need do nothing more than become a professional inviter and introducer. We’re not asking you to sell anything! Not us, and not our vendor partners. Trust us, they do a more effective job than we ever could. Simply pique interest in what it is we and our partners are doing. Pass on the lead to our partner or introduce your prospective new Affiliate or Vendor Partner to us at one of our regular weekly events; be it our Monday call at 7pm; StRut studios at noon on Wednesday or the Buzz Café each Friday at 7am in Yaletown for our weekly meetup.


In fact one of the peculiarities of this business is that if your contact sees you trying to sell them they may reject the concept because they don’t want to have to sell anything else. They’re probably too busy selling what they already have to take on anything new. So by selling the concept you may be putting people off, or giving them an excuse not to take a look! What you want is for them to get the information they need to make an educated decision – nothing more! Don’t let your enthusiastic excitement cause you to lose sight of your ultimate objective, let the system itself do the selling, so you don’t have to.


We’re looking for feedback! How are we doing? What’s working for you and what’s confusing. We want to KISS! Keep It Super Simple for you and your growing teams. Share your excitement and what it was or is that most excites you about RTN and the progress we’re making.  We’ll share your thoughts to make it easier for everyone else to decide if this is for them, or not. Email Me  I’ll appreciate it ;-) Oh, and it’ll also raise your profile again!! I notice several of you have already offered kind words on our meetup page as well so many thanks for that to DA from DA Top Talent, Chang Han and Ronald Lee. Make sure your register yourself as well so we know who’s coming and can stay in touch.


It’d be great if you can make it out to StRut studios for our video shoot on Wednesday come for about 11.30 and watch, and be amused at the unfolding drama, as we prepare to go LIVE at noon.


Don’t forget the Buzz Café Friday morning for our weekly meetup, Have some breakfast, bring some guests and get some great training on how to build out your network. It’s getting close to capacity, it was standing room only last week, which makes for a great and exciting atmosphere for your new prospects so don’t come alone!

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