Happy Hot New Year

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Tuesday’s webinar was surprisingly full given the time of year, so thanks for turning out everyone. In case you missed it here it is: Make sure you register for next week’s


We are going to be the Buzz on Friday 30th at 7am if you’d like to join us for an early jump on the New Year’s networking.

Normal service resumes next week with our 7pm Monday webinar, which I must remind you to register for. Wednesday at StRutStudios for our noon video session and again Friday at the Buzz at 7am for Breakfast.

We’ve announced a new meetup location serving the TriCities community 7pm Tuesday evenings starting on January 10th, so do please join us for the inaugural session.

See you, I hope, on Friday, but for sure next year!

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to a happy an prosperous 2012 for all…

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