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Well the sun is out in Vancouver and it’s shining on some great new Vendor Partners at Rapid Time Networks.  We had a great call last night online with many of you all in attendance. For those who couldn’t make it or want to forward something on to a guest who missed out here’s the link:


George gave a succinct overview of our Business Development Program. We announced our new meetup in Port Moody, happening tonight at 7pm. Please do register for the meetup online along with your guests so we get an idea of numbers. You’ll also findcomprehensive directions. Park under Thrifty’s, first left off Ioco.


We also announced a great opportunity, I hope you’ll all avail yourself of, to meet one of the most respected Networkers in the Multi Level Industry. I know we’re not MLM but an affiliate program but many of the skills Ken Seto has learned over his many successful years in his industry are eminently transferable to the Business Networking world. Join us tomorrow after our LIVE Video shoot from StRut studios at 1pm at the Buzz café – Please also register for this so we know our need for seating.


I do have a slot open to profile yourself on Video at StRut at noon, so if you want to be interviewed in HD online about your vendor offering email me and we’ll get you set up. Anyone wanting to see what we’re doing, come along and network at 11.30 then join Ken Seto, George Moen and myself at the Buzz and grab a sandwich… If you can’t make StRut LIVE dial in online and watch the LIVE HD video stream.


Of course we’ll be meeting, as always, at the Buzz at 7am on Friday, there will be more seating available this week as we had quite the crush with 50 or so in attendance last week. It’s a great opportunity to come out and network and, if you’re a Vendor partner, profile your business to our team.  Let me know if you want to be profiled in this or an upcoming meeting.


We profiled two exciting Vendor Partner offerings this week; Deborah Bose represents Social Shield an exciting piece of technology that in a very discreet way monitors the online activity and profiles and language being used around your family. It enables you to be aware of and head off and /or discuss any concerning behaviours or individual interactions before they escalate into what can be horrific and destructive scenarios. If you know any families who may want to know more about this interesting technology and, let’s face it, anyone with kids in their tweens or beyond should at least be made aware of this technology, submit the lead and we’ll connect them with Deborah. If there’s a fit and a transaction takes place you can earn an ongoing commission. Also, very excitingly, there is an opportunity to further promote this technology to people you might know as a business of your own. Let us know if you’d like details for yourself or someone else simply by submitting the lead


Also profiled were ReSet mobile Marketing. Marilyn Anderson gave a great overview of the importance and accessibility of mobile Applications for smart phones in today’s marketing mix. Great access to your customers. Better, more timely communication and ease of interaction are key in so many of our businesses today. Where to go to even start the process of developing an “App” is the first question on most business people’s minds. How do I get one and what should it do? Know anyone in that boat? Are you in that boat? Simply submit the lead to us and depending on the size of the project you could make a tidy commission simply for making the connection.


How simple is this business!!  Take a look at your rolodex; who do you know who could benefit from this, or any number of the great offerings, from our vendor partners?

Phone Lines, Internet, Wi-Fi, 1800 #s, Insurance, Financial Planning, Real Estate, Printing, Web Design, Graphic Design, Business Coaching, Social Media Development, Networking, Health and Wellness products, Business tools, Sponsorships… The opportunities abound for you as an affiliate to make residual income from multiple sources. If you’re not an affiliate yet, don’t delay, Join TODAY!!


That’s it for now! I hope to see you tonight &/or tomorrow and Friday!

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