Now its snowing Hot Sheet!

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With all this snow and a storm set to hit Seattle, you may be postponing trips down the I5 to Seattle, but maybe you, or someone you know, is fortunate enough to be heading further south or a lot further west in the US.  Well, with our latest Vendor partner announcing their game changing new technology, the telecommunications roaming landscape has changed. No more being gouged by our Canadian Telco’s when we put a toe over the border.


We have negotiated an outstanding deal for our affiliates to access either a FREE SIM card or a discounted pay as you go phone or even a mobile hotspot.  Check out the technology and the price plans but BEFORE YOU ORDER submit as lead for yourself or whoever you’d like and we’ll give you a discount coupon code.  This will allow us to track any purchase and pay commissions on hardware and ongoing rate plan purchases!

We are in the midst of integrating the shopping cart and affiliate systems so that ultimately you’ll be able to refer anyone you’d like and automatically have commissions calculate. But until then simply submit your customers as leads!

If you’d like to get your questions answered in person we’ll be in Port Moody this evening at our Tri-Cities meetup at 7pm. Park under Thrifty’s at the far South end of the underground parking lot and head upstairs to the fitness club and spa.

Wednesday sees us, as always at StRut studios from 11.30 ‘til 1pm. If you can’t make it in person watch us LIVE online in HD!

Thursday George Moen will be at the Yaletown HOBN networking breakfast

I’ll see you all at the Buzz Café at 7am Friday morning for our weekly Vancouver meetup.

Please register and let us know if you’ll be joining us for breakfast.  These are great venues to bring out guests to learn exactly how our revolutionary program works.

If you have anyone further out of town who can’t make it they can tune in online for our simultaneous webcast.

In case you missed our Monday webinar here it is and make sure you and any guests you’d like to invite register online here.

Email me if you’d like to feature your vendor partner offering to the network at an upcoming meeting webinar or business development networking meetup.

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