January 24th Hot Sheet

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I hope you can make it out tonight to Port Moody. Great venue, Great company, Great networking opportunity! Register your attendance at our Business Development Meetup here.

We start at 7pm. Park under Thrifty’s at the far South end by the yellow elevator. Take the stairs to the second floor fitness club and follow the signs to our extremely comfortable meeting room.

Speaking of extremely comfortable, the venue at last night’s meeting was excellent. Ceili’s Irish pub in Kitsilano (NOT DOWNTOWN) has a very well appointed meeting room that we packed out.  We streamed out LIVE to the web both as a webinar, which we recorded, and in glorious HD video.

We profiled Carlos Taylhardat’s photography business Art of Headshots. He gave an inspired presentation on the value of displaying a professional image and a stunning slideshow of his portfolio of happy (and attractive) clientele. Who says the camera never lies!! ;-) Carlos certainly helps it at least stretch the truth a bit!

Corporate packages start at $365 but there are substantial breaks for group work that can get the cost down as low as $8.50 for clients with in excess of 1000 staff. If you or anyone you know is looking to enhance their profile, corporately or their own personal brand, submit the lead and we’ll connect them with Carlos. He has generously agreed to give 12% of the first time invoiced amount to the Rapid Time Network and cleverly offered 15% for any referrals that result, for up to a year after the first service was rendered. So happy customers who share their successful relationship with Carlos with their networks, that ultimately result in business for Art of Headshots, are even more lucrative. That’s how confident he is in his craft!

Baila Lazarus, Features Editor at Business in Vancouver, then showcased her Personal life coaching business, Phase2 Coaching. Corporately she strongly believes that developing a strong brand starts with knowing why you’re doing what you do. Baila combines values coaching expertise with 20 years’ experience as a writer to create powerful, authentic mission and values statements.

On a more individual level she can help bring focus on family and work relationships, life balance, time management, overcoming procrastination, increased productivity and career changes. Baila works one on one and in group seminars but to determine if there is a real fit you have to meet her and experience her energy first hand.

If you think what she offers is a fit for anyone in your broader network simply submit the lead, we’ll make the introduction and if they do business you’ll earn a commission for making the connection. That’s how this paid for referral affiliate program works.

You can join as an affiliate for $59.95 a year and refer both other affiliates and vendor partners to the network. You earn $15 for every affiliate that joins and up to $75 for each vendor partner that joins. Submit leads to our vendors and you earn commission for referring the business.

To become a vendor partner is $295 a year. You gain access to our ever expanding network of professional B2B networkers to promote your product or service and you only pay them if the leads they provide turn into real business. You set your own commission rate and leverage the multiple platforms and tools we provide to communicate clearly with your sales team.

Should you want to both hire our sales team and refer others to this dynamic business as an affiliate we even give you a discount. $249 gives you both! Just join as an affiliate first and you’ll be extended the offer after you submit your application. More than half our affiliates are also taking advantage of the opportunity to promote one of the businesses in which they’re involved to the rest of the group.

Join us tomorrow at Strut Studios in Yaletown at 11.30am for our noon LIVE video stream where we’ll be profiling more of our excited vendor partners. Come to the studio, network with each other and see how the technology all works. Get your questions answered and schedule your own time for a video shoot. Email me if you want to schedule time at this or on any other venue or platform.

Lastly and by no means least, for those of you who are early risers, Friday morning at the Buzz Café, 7am in Yaletown, 901 Homer, SW corner of Smithe. Even with snow and ice on the ground last week, we had 50 people in the aesthetic ambience of their art gallery. We will also stream it LIVE for those who absolutely can’t make it – only broken limbs are an acceptable excuse. ;-)

Price of admission is $7.50 to our kind hosts to cover the room cost and the regulars who can’t fit in when we all turn out. Price of admission does get you tea or coffee and a choice of some very fine comestibles. If you are bringing guests please make sure they know about breakfast so our poor hosts aren’t having to explain it, because the queues for service are getting so long as to be out the door, and it’s cold at that time in the morning! ;-)  Seating must go to our guests as both a priority and courtesy as seating is increasingly limited and then to those members who have brought guests.  The room has been restructured to accommodate the extra traffic and there will be more seating as needed. Don’t forget to register your and your guest’s attendance at our meetups & for some extra profile add a comment or two.

Check out what’s new this week in Vancouver on our collaborative blog www.rapidtimenews.com There you’ll hear local experts in their field, sharing relevant and local content with our network and the wider world. Have something you’d like to say? Become a contributor yourself and build your name and brand even further within your local community, who knows, maybe it’ll catch the eye of our resident BIV features editor!!

Hope to see you tonight and Wednesday and Friday but definitely at one of them!

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