January 30th Hot Sheet

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Well we’re busier than one armed paperhangers here at Rapid Time Networks but that’s what we all want after all!

Don’t forget about tonight’s Community Business Development meeting in the TriCities neighbourhood! If you can make it, register for the meetup and forward this link to anyone you’d like to bring along http://www.meetup.com/The-Vancouver-Rapid-Time-Business-Network/events/47535682/.

Last night’s webinar was great!

We featured Debbie Evans whose spectacular Whistler Designs interior design business is a must see for anyone even remotely contemplating a renovation project. If that describes you or anyone you know submit them as a lead and we’ll connect them with Debbie. Engaging Debbie to act on your behalf can be incredibly beneficial. Her team can better manage projects, avoid cost overruns and even utilize barter techniques to access better pricing on appliances and trades where available. There are almost too many spectacular images to choose from in Debbie’s presentation but I love this one. Check out the webinar for more!

We also featured Webnames our very own AND LOCAL godaddy. They are the ultimate go to folks for all your online branding needs. Grab control of your online presence be it .co .ca. org .net or excitingly .tel (great for moving you up the search engines!!)! Not only are they local, there are real people! People who happily answer the old fashioned telephone! And are pleased to help with your enquiries!!!



One really exciting option is to finally pull together all of your disparate domains that may be with any number of other service providers under one umbrella. Control all your hosting options, redirect websites to a central place and not be surprised by renewal dates. They even give out FREE 3 months hosting on any sites you transfer over. You can register sites and check out the availability of domains right from our very own homepage (link’s at the top) or go straight to our co-branded page http://www.webnames.ca/gateway/RapidTimeNetwork/

Another option is to ask them to broker the domain name that you actually want. Yourcompanyname may already be taken but is being under utilized or simply sat on. They can negotiate a price on your behalf. Check them out, you’ll be pleased you did. Just be sure to submit yourself as a lead, or any one else you direct their way, so you’re eligible to earn commissions.

Webnames are also, very generously giving away a special gift to anyone who either joins Rapid Times today and/or in attendance tonight at the TriCities meetup http://www.meetup.com/The-Vancouver-Rapid-Time-Business-Network/events/47535682/. ACT NOW! Do one or both! The special gift more than offsets the cost of joining as an affiliate!

Come on out to Strut Studios tomorrow at 11:30 to see our LIVE TV show beam out on the world wide web in glorious 1080p HD! Register for the meet up here http://www.meetup.com/The-Vancouver-Rapid-Time-Business-Network/events/49805792/

We have our packed out Business Development meeting at the Buzz café at 7AM Friday morning. Please let your guests know that it is $7.50 to attend this meeting to cover the cost of the room. For that price you not only get to attend a lively and incredibly effective networking function and learn all about what Rapid Times is about, but you also get a great breakfast into the bargain! Please remember to register for yourself and your guests at the meetup page http://www.meetup.com/The-Vancouver-Rapid-Time-Business-Network/events/47448012/. If you enjoy the meeting and felt you received value, don’t be afraid to comment and share your thoughts with others – it’s also great profile within the group. If you can’t make the meeting in person I will stream it online at this address http://www.gvolive.com/conference,24582354 It’s new software so bear with me ;-)

As if that isn’t enough for this week we’ve thrown in an extra special session, and I do mean extra special. We’re doing a full on training on Saturday morning for any and all affiliates and vendor partners who want to know how to leverage the network effectively and either build a large group or communicate more effectively to one. This will again be at the Buzz café and again will cost $7.50 – and again, please make sure you register your attendance in advance http://www.meetup.com/The-Vancouver-Rapid-Time-Business-Network/events/50265332/

Phew, that’s a ton of stuff, we’ve got new vendors coming on all the time, and tons of new stuff to share so make sure you and your guest plugin and catch the wave!

See you at an upcoming event soon,

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