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Finally getting around to the Hot Sheet this week. And what a crazy week it was! Record attendance in Port Moody with our newest Community Partner Lucie Woods who joins Andrew MacKey.

A really great show on Wednesday from StRut Studios featured Dr Peter Woods, Traditional Chinese medicine specializing in Asthma, Excema and Allergies, ReMax Realtor Adam Wahed, Social media maven Bonnie Sainsbury (@bsainsbury) and Rapid Time Co-Founder George Moen.

And Wow!!! What an opening!

The Burnaby Community Partners showed how to put on a show at the Firefighters Hall in Burnaby (where they’ll be meeting weekly on Wednesday evening’s moving forward)!

Close to 150 showed up to enjoy the buffet, take in the Rapid Time presentation and enjoy some rousing entertainment. Great networking was enjoyed by all. Kudos to Shawn Bearman, Tim Luu, Ricky Shetty, Klint Rodgers and Chang Han for hosting such a fantastic evening. A Picture speaks a thousand words; so enjoy the novel!

We had some challenges on the webinar on Monday night but a large group met at Ceili’s as usual in Kitsilano and had a great meeting even without our online audience. To those of you that tried and failed to connect online, we apologize. This coming Monday we’re trying a new webinar platform (AGAIN!) we will persist until we’re perfect, but hey, we’re learning each and every time. Here’s the link for 7pm Monday’s online call Forward it to anyone you’d like to invite.

We’ve got meetings taking place all round the lower mainland every day of the week morning lunchtime and evening. Please come out and see what all the fuss is about! Check the schedule and RSVP to an event that best fits your schedule. There’s no pitch or hard sell, just simply find out what we’re up to and why everyone’s excited, find out WIIFM? What’s in it for me! Oh, and there’s some of the best networking in town!

A couple of highlights upcoming: Our first Tradeshow, Tuesday night, 6pm, at the Buzz Cafe NO SPEECHES! JUST NETWORKING! RSVP and reserve your spot here. There is one table left for any of our vendors who want some extra profile click here to reserve it for your business.

Training tomorrow on .tel at the Buzz cafe 9am and next weekend same time  vendor training. If you want to connect with our affiliate network to sell your stuff don’t miss this one. It will be followed by interactive training on the newest social media platform, Pinterest, and how to use it for your business…

Weekend after that, affiliate training followed by Blogging on Business.

See if you and your business can keep up with the Rapid Time Network.

See you soon…

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