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If last week was all about Rapid Cast this week is all about pushing yourself up Google and the other search engines with our FREE local directory listing.

First though for those who couldn’t make it out last week, what’s Rapid Cast?

Rapid Cast

We’ve been busy with some cutting edge social media strategies building a hyper local audience targeted right down to specific local communities. We can now target, and therefore so can you, our messaging (and your messaging) to Twitter followers and business folks in particular in the neighbourhood you want to do business in.

You can, as a paid up Vendor Partner, fill out the form on this page and request your message be delivered to a particular community each week.

This is already starting to pay real dividends and create real new offline business relationships.

“Thought you might like to know the result of the Rapid Cast. Hits: 2000, Page views: 379, Unique visitors: 125! These are the numbers I can link directly to the tweets.  Thanks for the push :) To Your Success, Joe Griffith

Two people immediately contacted Joe directly about the course he’d promoted through Rapid Cast.

Further than that we actually publish on a daily basis a local paper with content driven from a particular list of community involved Twitter accounts. Local media, government, Chambers of Commerce Small Business BC etc. etc.

If you are active on Twitter, or know someone who is, encourage them to get on the newspaper list for a specific community and we will add them to that local newspaper’s list, whether they are a vendor partner or not.

Integrate us in with your business’s social media strategy both through this newest platform and through our Rapid Time News collaborative blog, talk about building your online presence and profile!!!


To learn more about how a FREE local directory listing can boost your businesses online search-ability through the roof you need to come out to one of our meetups this week: OR jump online tonight at 7pm and we’ll walk you through it on our online webinar. One caveat, you must pre-register. Seating is limited so do it now!!!

StRut LIVE Show

We had a great TV show last week, if you missed it here it is. We interviewed Tom Taylor, a great business turnaround guy with a really cool credit card protection sleeve you can customize with our own marketing message. Michael Oliver, famed author of Natural Selling and lecturer at the Deepak Chopra Centre, will be holding a workshop on the 26th titled “You Had Me At Hello” a phrase made famous by one of the best sales films of all time Jerry McGuire;  but Register QUICK because, for ONLY $29.95, it’s almost completely sold out. Learn how to overcome the fear of selling and of rejection and harness your own natural abilities with some straight forward advice and strategies, get your sales paradigm changed here!

Baila Lazarus, certified Life Coach and editor for Business in Vancouver, gave some great advice about conquering your demons and dealing with the financial issues in your life and how she could be a key part of this equation to a less stressful existence. Something an awful lot of people could use in these financially troubled times.We wrapped up with Michelle Castillo who can really give your web based business strategies a major overhaul. If your website’s not working for you, Michelle can tune up and integrate all the processes in and around from email marketing to ecommerce to… well pretty well all you need, and your website’ll look like a million bucks into the bargain.

Schedule yourself in for a presentation this week while there’s still space!

I saw some great presentations at the meetups last week DA (Doug Anderson) from DA Top Talent gave a great presentation on Friday about not just his own talents but a company called RTown, based in Whistler BC, but with TV screens nationwide promoting local businesses. (A tie in we’re excitedly exploring for our vendor partners and bloggers alike.) They have a great community based franchise opportunites available in several areas; if you’re interested in learning more for yourself or someone else, you need to contact DA by submitting a lead through to us so we can connect you with this great opportunity for the right individual(s)!

I enjoyed Sarah Millin’s punchy presentation immensely with her injection of humour and an etch a sketch as an example of some of the outdated hardware still in use out there. If you know of any offices in need of IT support or hardware assessments, upgrades and integrations I’d strongly recommend getting in touch with Sarah through our system! Wanda March with her telesales services also really hit a chord. If you know anyone looking to outsource some telemarketing projects get hold of Wanda so you can earn some commissions on the deal.

If you’ve connected with any of our vendors presentations, at a meeting or online through our TV shows and webinars make sure you submit those leads to us so you can qualify for the commissions when the new deals close.


Obviously it’s a long weekend this weekend so there will be no training but we’re back at it the following week with two of the more accomplished presenters in front of a room, Chang Han and Joe Griffith, sharing some insights into delivering a powerful presentation next Friday at 9:30 am after the Buzz networking breakfast; and of course Michael Oliver’s “You Had Me at Hello” on Saturday26th.

Enjoy our full week of networking in this glorious West coast weather and have a fantastic long weekend everybody.

See you at an event soon… Don’t forget to register for tonight’s 7 pm call!



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