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Thanks for joining us for the show this lunchtime, it was a blast. Just in case you tuned out, here’s the recording.

I hope to catch up with you in person at one of the local community meetups before the long weekend, Burnaby, Surrey or the Buzz, but in case we don’t connect, have a great time, I hope the sun shines!

Monday’s meetup at Vinci’s and webinar is cancelled but normal service will resume the following Monday, the 9th.

If you’re like me you may need a bit more of a kick in the butt than George does to focus through the summer months. To that end we’re having a bit of fun with a “Summer Sizzle” contest. We’ve got some great prizes lined up and we’ll be rewarding you with points for completing some pretty simple tasks over the summer to help you build your business through Rapid Times. First off and for 5 points and a few more details go to our new Facebook Page and Like Us and offer a comment for 5 more.

Maybe you want to get in on the fun and sponsor a prize? Think of the profile you’ll get each time we promote the contest!! Let me know.

Catch you later,

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