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Some great stuff happening on the network over the summer. Starting tomorrow morning at the Buzz café. 7am we have our regular meetup but immediately following that we’re going to be delivering a comprehensive vendor Mastery boot camp. So if you are a vendor, are thinking about becoming one or know someone who should take a serious look at the program come on out.  Come prepared to do some work, bring your laptop, notepad etc. etc…  there will be internet and power.

We will be taking you through all 25 platforms that we at RTN provide you. Talking about how to best use and leverage them, what we’ve seen so far that represents best practice and some of the simple mistakes to avoid.  There will be an opportunity to update your offers, work on images and presentation skills, learn how to integrate your social media, blogging and branding strategies and on, and on, and on! There is a ton of stuff to cover, so come on out and get all your questions answered, it promises to be a fun and interactive day starting at 9am and going until we’re done (or you are!). Make sure you RSVP on the meetup (yes, that’ll be covered too!)

Make sure you RSVP for these awesome events:

Of course it goes without saying to stay in touch and plan to get out to as many meetups through the summer as you can, remember not to keep us a secret (not that many of you are it seems). Bring out a guest, introduce them to the powerful methods we’re employing to develop one another’s businesses and you could not only make some commissions for making the introduction but, should they light up, you can make a tidy second tier commission on everything they do through our powerful two tiered affiliate program.  Many people are hearing about us from many different sources, do them and yourself a favour and make sure you bring them to a meeting, hearing about us and experiencing us first hand are two very different things, you’ll be glad you brought a guest, and so will they.

The Summer sizzle contest is well under way, make sure you are submitting leads, RSVP’ing and checking in to meetups, and of course adding to your team over the next few weeks. LIKE our new Facebook page and add a comment or two for some extra profile! Start a conversation with the group.

We had a great show yesterday at StRut Studios. Here’s the link if you missed it.

We’ve got some exciting new vendors on the network. Vendor Partners like David Gens who I interviewed yesterday. His company provides capital to storefront business owners using the ongoing merchant sales as collateral. Kelly Fry from Keller Williams Elite Realty, Jim Peskin from Keylingo translation services, Naveed Hajee of Snaptech Digital Marketing Services and John Goodall with Chattback an innovative next generation mobile customer service and feedback tool allowing customers to send text messages to your dedicated business ChattBack number. It’s like an interactive comment card. Use ChattBack to engage and retain customers, improve your service and avoid bad online reviews.

To reach out to any of these vendors submit yourself, or one of your contacts, as a lead here or to learn more about the available products, services and commissions these or any of our many other vendors offer, login to your affiliate back office here.

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