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I know you’ve been plugged in but it seems like all of a sudden everyone else is back at it and focused. Those of us who didn’t take the summer off are already well in stride. Things at RTN are really kicking into high gear.


If you didn’t manage to make one of our meetings last week you probably haven’t been invited into the exclusive new online community. In which case email me and we’ll invite you in to set up your profile. We already have close to a hundred members thoroughly addicted and vying for space to join George, Donna Willon, Craig Addy, Keven McTaggert, Darrel Ross and Shawn Bearman on page one! This is where you want to be visible this fall. Already this month we’re closing in on 20k page views, which is crazy!


We had well over fifty members and lost of guests out on Friday morning at the Buzz, a sunny morning at 7am before the last long weekend of summer! There’s loads of new stuff going on within the network: A new community partnership team in East Vancouver, congratulations Anne Whitmore, Glen Murray and Mike Snetsinger! We’re thrilled to have you aboard in this new capacity! Watch this space as they set up their first meetups. We’ll be expanding beyond the lower mainland and filling the remaining communities in town this fall, so if you know someone who might be interested let us know quickly


Make sure as a vendor or sponsor you book your presentations both for the video interview (yes, I have a space available this Wednesday, tomorrow, at 11:30 in Yaletown!) as well as presentations in front of the growing crowds throughout the networks local communities. Let our affiliates know what you do and what’s in it for them to promote your business to their key contacts! It’s tough for us to send you leads if not everyone knows about you. We have almost 30 different ways to engage with the affiliate sales force and build your brand both within our network and the world at large. Please make sure you plug in and learn about and leverage our tools to maximum benefit. We’re here to help you achieve your business goals this fall so make sure you come out and join us in the network this week. Here’s the calendar.

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