Amazon Outage takes down Reddit, RTN, Foursquare and others

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Wow, I knew we were getting a lot of traffic on the RTN Community site but really guys, melting one of Amazon’s cloud computing centres…!

Normal service has been restored but our community site was affected along with Pinterest and even TMZ! For details here’s an article, it wasn’t me tinkering with the system and breaking it, honestly! (not this time anyway)
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Last week was, well, crazy to say the least. The Okanagan opened up last weekend with almost a hundred in attendance and hosted their first regular weekly meetup on Friday.
Tuesday saw the day long SOHO SME Tradeshow:

“The day kicked off with a wildly successful Mother of all Meetups. RTN members could be spotted throughout the crowd making introductions and networking like pros. 

We had an extremely positive response at our booth at the SOHO tradeshow. 
It was a great opportunity to meet with business owners and connect them with RTN communities in their area as well as meet with members and provide ideas on how to use the marketing tools of the network. The RTN pavilion showed the power of leveraging our network – our members received a special rate to be able to exhibit at show.” Anne Whitmore.
To see more pictures from a fantastic day’s networking click here- Pictures. It’s ok, the after-party pictures will remain hidden ;-).
Tip for the week – Get to the front of the line! Register & prepay on Meetup for our Wednesday meeting in East Vancouver and just pick up your name-tag at the door. Bring your receipt for quick entry. This is a great idea as the lineup will be down the street for this one.
 The tool of the week is this Hotsheet: – Learn how to create more visibility for your business using our weekly newsletter.
Log In to your affiliate back office to learn about some exciting new offers from among others HiVE Vancouver’s Co-working – desk rentals at a funky Gastown location. Bottom Line Financial Services in Kelowna and Fairway Divorce also of Kelowna. It’s great to see so much new activity coming out of the Okanagan. Way to got team OK!
Profile Highlight: Eva Chrostowski – new affiliate – Eva has been a powerhouse guest inviter and just had here first vendor join the network. Congratulations!
Tomorrow evening join us for a special event at ONYX steakhouse in TriCities at 6.30pm and of course all other venues will be rocking as usual.
I hope to see you on the network over the coming week and of course tonight at 7pm!

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