Here’s wishing everyone a spooky Halloween!

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Watch out for all those kids trick or treating tonight and even more important make sure you put some chocolates to one side for yourself. Should you survive the evening, bring your chocolate and candy hangovers out tomorrow morning to South Surrey for 7.30am to our post Halloween business development meetup at the ABC on 22nd & King George.  Make sure you mention to anyone you know in the area that it’s some great networking and a great opportunity to learn about RTN and see if we’re a fit for their business.
We’re looking for Realtors, Mortgage professionals, Financial Planners, Printers, Coaches, Web designers, Grapic Designers, Photographers… actually, anyone who’s product or service you’d recommend is a perfect fit. If you can’t recommend them, don’t invite them ;-)
As an example East Van welcomed their newest Vendor Partner: Penelope Sloan of Trensetta, an interior design firm offering design, feng shui and staging services.


We had an amazing time last week on the new HD show – 4 vendor partners became guest hosts and created their own mini shows! Not only was it a great showcase of our vendors (we featured 16 different vendor partners in one show!) but it also gave our guest hosts a ton of airtime. Check out Elinor’s surprise guest:

Thursday evening we’ll be holding our first online vendor training webinar.

You’ve asked for Vendor Partner training – you’ve got it!

This is the first of our bi-weekly training for Vendor Partners. Each session will have two components: a quick start for new vendors (and help for current vendors) to fully utilize the Rapid Time Networks resources and then a more in depth focus on one area of networking, what is new in the network or tool.

Vendor training:

How to set up your vendor offer to the network and how to leverage the more than 30 tools to communicate your value proposition most effectively to your new sales force.

This online training is one of the most effective education platforms you’ll experience.

This week – Kick a$$ Rapid Fire Intros:

So you’ve been out to different meetings – are you making the most of your introductions? Those precious 15 seconds are all yours to tell the group who you are and what you do. We will cover what makes a good intro, tips for maximizing your time and an opportunity to workshop your Rapid Fire Intro with the group.

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East Van, Tri Cities and Burnaby continue to break attendance records and the Buzz will undoubtedly match them Friday morning. Also at the Buzz this weekend is some training for those who want to learn how to network more effectively and build their own network within RTN so plug into the meetup site and make sure you RSVP to the meetings you’ll be attending.
Make sure if you are a vendor you book yourself in to present at your favourite event and submit leads to vendors who you’d like to recommend to those in your own Rolodex. 

Consider booking a display table at our upcoming Tradeshow at the Buzz on November the 15th, there will be hundreds in attendance, or at the very least join us for a beer at the after party at StRut Studios. Tickets on the door are $25 or you can get one for free from one of our community partners or business development hosts in attendance at the meetings between now and then. Or, go to register for FREE online.
See you on the network soon,

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