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If you are still downtown why not head to Vinci’s Café for 6pm for their very popular in conversation with this week’s guest Monika (Monika) Becker founder of as they discuss “authentic leadership”.
If you are still going to be in the office at 7pm tonight, or even better, the home office, be sure and dial in LIVE for our weekly webinar to the world. Plug in guests unwilling to go out in public, or with no time to fit us into their schedule, in to learn about what we’re doing. Hear from some of our vendor partners and, if you have a contact who may be a fit for them, make your time worthwhile and get paid to make the connection… Register online NOW – Click here! Or rush to Vinci’s to catch it LIVE and in person.
Remember this Thursday is video night, and no, not of the Stephen Spielberg variety. We’ll be interviewing a bevy of vendors LIVE online, but come on down to StRut studios at 5pm after work, enjoy a bevy from the cash bar and watch the show unfold in person as part of the interactive studio audience. Some great networking and a chance to see the value of this included service as part of your vendor membership of RTN.
Tuesday has a full slate of meetings starting at Lunchtime in North Van, Tea time in New West at the Chamber offices and the evening session at 6.30pm in Port Moody promises to be packed again.
Kudos: RTN East Van sends a huge shout out to Elinor Warkentin of Goodbye Clutter. Elinor has been helping us the past few weeks with registration and greeting guests as a Business Development Host. Many hands make light work and we appreciate Elinor’s organization, cheerful willingness to help and great sense of humor. Referring to Elinor will reflect well on you – check out her website at
Each week in the East Vancouver 9am meeting, we highlight a resource for vendors. This week we are featuring the RTown network. Come learn about who they are, what they do and how you can connect with our East Van RTown partners to engage a local audience with digital community content.
Vendor training – we started our new vendor virtual vendor training last week with a great turnout and thorough coverage of all the tools available for vendors and a session on how to create an impactful Rapid Fire Introduction. Vendor training runs every 2 weeks on Thursday evening. Next session is November 29th. Register here for next Thursday.
Anything-on-a-Clock” has started their annual fundraising campaign with part proceeds from every clock that they sell in the month of November to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society. However, this year they have decided to add a twist to our fundraising efforts. In 2012 are not only going to donate part proceeds from our clock sales to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society but we have decided to add another charity that we would like to support during this fundraising Drive. Canadian Diabetes Association is “leading the fight against diabetes by helping people with diabetes live healthy lives while working to find a cure.”  Understanding that not everybody is in the position to purchase a clock at this point of time, but they like the idea, for those people who don’t need a clock, with a contribution of $10, you can get your name put onto one of the clocks that will be donated to the charity.  For More information contact Keven McTaggart
The MomIncMovement Trade show was fantastic. 700-800 people walked through the doors and the atmosphere was engaging and electric.  Awesome opportunities for RTN and our vendors – We can’t wait to be part of it again next year.
Sponsor Highlight: What is it like to have someone that cares more about my financial future than I do, standing by my side – in my corner – so to speak.  Awesome!  Join us online or in person for the Thursday night TV show and learn from the best of the best.  DW Financial Solutions is an independent boutique wealth management practice which focuses on holistic financial planning for individuals, families, executives, professionals, and business owners.
Wednesday Evening – An Event you don’t want to miss!  How to have the last 6 working weeks of the year be the most productive and profitable of your entire year.  Create your 6 Week Blast Plan!  Bring all of those business owners you know that are already whining about what they DIDN’T get accomplished this year.  Tell them to put up or shut up!  Create the plan, actions and occasions required to end the year with a BLAST!  Burnaby Palace restaurant. 7 pm.  Join us for dinner at 5:30 if you are looking for a little TLC or one on one attention.
Join us next week, Monday November 12th, at Vinci’s Caffe, where the Interview Guest (live, onscreen from Kelowna)
will be Regional Partner Peter Comrie.
Peter will be coming to Vancouver for November 17th’s event – come get an advance sense of this remarkable man. Des Dougan will help with the translation service ;-)
See you all on the network through the week and in just over an hour’s time online – REGISTER NOW!

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