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RTN East Vancouver this week highlighted the new Rapid Time radio – our newest resource for vendors to get the most visibility for your business. Each week we feature a vendor resource, give you the latest updates on what is going on in the network plus showcase vendor presentations. Our power hour of open networking before and after each meeting is the highpoint of your networking week!
Several of our vendors have already been interviewed click here to listen to the shows. These shows can be embedded very easily in your own site. Simply click the share icon n the right of the player (its the three dots in between the i and the full screen icons) click on embed and copy the code and embed it in your own site’s html. Or paste it in to your own WordPress blog and it cleverly takes care of it… Tweet out or share and comment on Facebook and LinkedIn if you find something interesting, even if you don’t, why not help a fellow vendor get their message out ;-)
East Vancouver welcomes new member Linda Chu… Linda was invited by Sarah Millin – way to go, Sarah! The Team have asked me to remind you to RSVP by Monday so they know how many bacon sandwiches to make – no RSVP, no bacon sandwich!
Vendor Training this Thursday (that’s tonight!) click here to register or join : we started a new format for our Vendor training last session.
1. Quick Start for Vendors: get up and running with the basics.
2. Part B: we continue from last session and cover our social media, media partners and back office resources for vendors
3. The end to end referral/commission process: are you confused about how the referral process works? We will walk through a full transaction so that you understand the steps from start to finish.
Monday – Road Trip to Vancouver .
Maybe you know someone in Nanaimo or North? Come on out to the Comox Valley Christmas Networking get together. A soft launch to what will be a blockbusting 2013 as we open up the Island to the wonders of Rapid Time Networks. Come and join Regional Partners Curtis & Maureen Scoville, BNI, Young Professionals and a host of community groups. Join us for the afternoon on the island. A real quick road trip! We’re on the 12:30 from Horseshoe Bay and back on the 9pm! Come on, you know you want to! Click here to RSVP and also on the eventbrite site so they know how many to expect. Can you think of a better way to spread some Christmas cheer? The only condition is that you bring a Santa hat for the trip!!!
All meetings are on next week with the exception of Tri-Cities, Tuesday evening. The Monday webinar will take place as usual so if you want present from The Island to the Okanagan, book yourself in here. To dial in and yes, you can do so from your iPhone with their new App, register here.
See you online at 7pm tonight. Invite anyone you’d like, to see if the Rapid Time Networks program might be a fit for them. It’s raining, who wants to go outside? What better way to find out about us, but from the comfort of your own home computer…
See you soon

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