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A quick update about what’s going on around the network to keep you in the loop.  I had the opportunity to meet with local TV personality Steve Dotto who for the last 15 years hosted the well known TV show Dotto Tech keeping us all up to date on all things technology related. Well he’s now broadcasting a weekly show on AM 650. Our chat turned into an interview all about RTN which will be aired at 6pm this evening. You can tune in LIVE here or download the podcast later from the same site or Steve’s own site
I was checking out some of Steve’s great content and found a really neat productivity tool I’d love to share. It’s a little known website, still in beta and FREE, called If This Then That or It basically let’s you automate things like if; my favourite author posts a new blog piece email it to me or even better tweet it out for me automatically. I’ve used it to Tweet quotes or share videos that I favourite or even notify my if someone posts an advert on craigslist for something I’m in the market for. Check it out… Here’s Steve’s video explaining it, as you’d expect,  much better than I can  Have fun and be sure to share any new recipes with me on Twitter @markwrightmba ;-)
Tons going on in the Network. Great meetings already this week. Fantastic attendance on the Monday Webinar. Make sure you book yourself in to present if you want to extend your reach beyond your local community. Register to attend, click here because space is limited.
North Shore attendance was through the roof for our dot tel training which will be repeated online this Saturday at 9.15am. Reserve your space in front of your own PC (or even iPad) Click here…   Tri Cities rocked it, what else can we say. Way to go guys!
East Van welcomes their newest member, Joel Sida, mortgage broker with Dominion Lending. Joel specializes in working with new immigrants and first time home buyers. He is bilingual (Spanish and English) and is active in sports, having played tennis at a semi-pro level, sponsors community soccer teams and loves snowboarding and hockey. Find out more about Joel and connect with him on our community platform:
If you haven’t heard about the community platform or haven’t joined it yet, you are really missing out. This is becoming a more and more important platform to be seen to be participating in. Click here to Join and get started by setting up your profile and communicating privately with this exclusive, Members only tool.
East Van also gave a preview of what we’ll be discussing next week on the network, namely how to leverage a social reach in the hundreds of thousands for your own business… Rapid Casting.
Tonight in Burnaby (5.30pm at the Burnaby Palace on Boundary if you want to join them for a great Chinese meal) the meeting proper starts at 7 and is proimised to be a “leads fest” Click here to RSVP & to learn more.
Thursday mornings in New West are always spectacular down by the mighty Fraser River at the Boat House Restaurant at 9am. Join Darrell, Wallace and myself and a quickly expanding group RSVP here and join the online conversation for even more profile.
Shawn will be hosting a series of webinars through the day on our local directory listing program.
Then at 7pm anyone whoever is struggling with their Vendor offer or who needs to learn a bit more about the different platforms needs to be on the Vendor Training Webinar at 7pm. This is also a great venue to invite guests who may be on the fence about the value that RTN can bring to the party.
Friday’s at the Buzz cafe in Yaletown bright and early at 7am are always, well, Buzzing!! As it is at the same time up in the Okanagan where our Regional partners, Peter Comrie and Joyce Evans hosts in Kelowna at the Deli City Cafe and will soon be announcing a new location on the West Side.
And then Saturday, as I already mentioned 9.15 am online for our dot tel training and more information about the new event’s calendar
Finally, as if that’s not enough just a reminder, we’ve been around for just over a year now and if you have been too, then you or someone on your team may be up for your annual renewal. Maybe someone on your team is set to expire? Make sure you have the conversation with them early and make sure their plugged in to the all the programs to learn about all the new platforms and tools that have been introduced of late! If that is the case, just click through to the store and click on affiliatevendor/affiliate or sponsor and we’ll make sure the account stays active and eligible for commissions.
Last but not least. We are getting lots of interest about the last couple of vacant communities in the lower mainland, the Okanagan and now,Vancouver Island. It isn’t too late to throw your hat in the ring or recommend someone take a really close look. Make sure you do it now before it’s too late. Just drop me an email and let me know if there’s an interest…
Oh, and just an FYI video recording on Friday’s after the Buzz are fast filling up, make sure you reserve your interview soon. These are being posted to the hot sheet , Facebook, Our You Tube channel and Twitter. Help your fellow vendors extend their brnad by commenting, liking, ReTweeting and generally spreading the good word. CLick here for examples from Baila Lazarus, Simeon Garriott and Jeff Stark.
And, and, and, one very last thing before I let you go! A new venue is set to open on February the 5th! We are very excited to announce a new location on Vancouver’s Westside, Tuesday mornings at a very chic new Malay Restaurant on Broadway at 9am click here to learn more…
Have a great week everyone, I hope to see you on the Network at least once ;-)

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