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Lots of great stuff going on on the network this week starting this evening we have our regular Monday conference call that will be followed by a special one hour linked in training session delivered by the Okanagan’s very own Melonie Dodaro from Top Dog Social Media! Make sure you register with plenty of time to be on the webinar from 7 o’clock on. LinkedIn starts at 7:30pm. Tuesday sees two meetings; first in North Vancouver at 11:30 followed by Tri-Cities which starts at 6:15 at Schoolhouse. As always go to our meet up site for directions to all of all locations and make sure you are RSVPing and getting involved in the conversations.
Wednesday morning starts bright and early daily at 7:30 in New Westminster at First Capital Asset Management 110 88 810 Carnarvon street at for our joint event with the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce. Be sure to register at the Chamber’s website for $20.  Immediately following this event at 9 AM is East Vancouver’s weekly meet up at Mr. Brownstone on Main and 13th. The day wraps up in Burnaby off Boundary and the Number one highway at the Burnaby Palace Chinese restaurant. The meeting starts at 7 PM but if you’d like to join us for dinner we’ll be meeting that from 5.30pm on.
A reminder that the regular Thursday event in New West has rolled into Wednesdays Chamber event and that you’ll likely be lonely should you turn up to the Boathouse. I’m sure they’ll happily serve you breakfast with a spectacular view though…
Friday Morning at the Buzz 7am for 7.30 and Training on Saturday morning at 9:15.  What topic would you like to hear about most this weekend? Reply to us and let us know
Make sure if you are a Vendor you are booking yourself in to present at as many venues as you choose – Click here to reserve your spots!
Check out the video interviews from last week at the Buzz and book your video interview for this Friday at 9.30 while I have a space left. Glen MurrayMike SnetsingerMia Weinberg and Sidney Schultz were all interviewed about their offers, check them out.
Why not also check out some of the amazing interviews on Rapid Time Radio and be sure that you are taking advantage of this highly trafficked website and yet another quality link back. Book your interview here.
If you aren’t on the community site let me know & I’ll be sure to invite you. There are always great interactions and blog posts going up and as a vendor you need to make sure you’re maximizing your visibility on the network.
That’s it for now. See you out on the network and hopefully online from 7pm this evening

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