LinkedIn Training w Melonie Dodaro

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Last night’s Training was an outrageous success. The positive feedback keeps pouring in along with the cries of disappointment from those who missed out and couldn’t make it. Fear not! It was recorded, and here it is.

Melonie from shares some amazing pointers on how to position yourself for profit on LinkedIn. The Media Calls Melonie Canada’s #1 LinkedIn Expert (and we agree) She is an International Keynote Speaker on LinkedIn and Social Media and acclaimed author. Connect with Melonie via, & Join her LinkedIn group at for Tips, Strategies & Resources. Be sure to check out too! If you can’t track her down amongst all that … well…

Next week:

Sell More In less Time With No Rejection, Objections Or Anxiety!

Talking with people and getting a positive response EVERY SINGLE TIME, is easy – if you Stop Telling, Start Asking and Listen!While well meaning, most Distributors, Direct Salespeople and Coaches spend their time giving presentations, telling their story, persuading, reading from scripts or telling how wonderful their products and services are.

What they don’t spend enough thought and time on, is asking, listening to and responding to WHAT potential clients and partners want… WHY they REALLY want it… and HOW much they want it!Usual Results – Rejection, Objections and High Attrition or Buyers Remorse! If you want to build your business in less time, with less effort without fear, anxiety, rejection or objections… then you’ll love this introduction to Natural Selling

Training Live Online with the world famous Michael Oliver…

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Register for next Monday Evening’s Training Here: Space is limited and is open to guests, so register early and encourage your invitees to do the same.

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