Business Card Social Strategic Alliance Media Release January 28 2013

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January 28, 2013
Strategic Alliance Levels the Playing Field for BC’s Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Vancouver, BC Rapid Time Networks and Business Card Social announced today a strategic alliance that will increase the competitive environment for British Columbia’s small and medium sized businesses challenged by the economic power of large and often international competitors.

“We realized that to level the playing field we needed to create a networking system that gave businesses access to all of the marketing tools and training that big businesses have but at a price small businesses can afford. At the same time, we wanted to create a dedicated sales force for our members.” said George Moen, co-founder of Rapid Time Networks. Mark Wright the other co-founder of RTN added, “Currently, we have over 30 tools that support businesses in creating consumer awareness of their products and services. Most small businesses can not afford the cost of developing social media platforms and specialized marketing tools now included in their RTN membership. And, we have become a major business education centre for our members.”
Business Card Social created by Judy Fitzepatrick has been very successful because it provides an alternative style of social networking and offers support through a range of web-based tools. “We believe that a strategic alliance between RTN and BCS as well as with other organizations can only strengthen the ability of BC’s small businesses to succeed.” said Ms. Fitzepatrick.

“Our partnership with the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce and now Business Card Social and the incredible growth of RTN over the past year creates a bigger market for BC businesses. We anticipate joining with other business associations as Rapid Time Networks continues its expansion across British Columbia and eventually other markets in Canada.” said Moen.

For further information, please contact:

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George Moen – co-founder RTN
Telephone/text: 604.317.3453
Twitter: @georgemoen

FOR BACKGROUND: Andrew Mackey – Tri-Cities RTN Community Partner
Telephone/text 604.837.6471




Backgrounder – Rapid Time Networks 

Rapid Time Networks (RTN) is a paid for performance business network. Members join as a vendor who wants to sell a product or service or as an affiliate who wants to sell the products and services of our vendors for a commission. Or one may join as both. As part of their membership, our vendors are provided with over 30 different tools for creating awareness of their products and services. Meetings are held in Tri-Cities, New Westminster, North Shore, East Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Downtown Vancouver, and Kelowna and soon on Vancouver Island. One may also participate in a meeting through Skype.

Examples of the Benefits of RTN Membership 

• Earn $15 for each Affiliate you refer

• Earn up to $75 for each Vendor Partner you refer

• Earn up to $118 for each Sponsor firm you refer

• Earn 25% commission on all referrals you make

• Earn 10% commission on sales through your affiliates

• Get paid on all of your affiliate and vendor renewals

• Attend meetings and network across Greater Vancouver and Kelowna

• Get a discount to conferences and trade shows

• Free membership on our community site

• Receive discounted training including social media, business presentations etc.

• Refer yourself and receive a discount on the products or services you need

• Receive referrals through the Network

• Securely listed on our website

• Have a video made about your product or service

• As a vendor, attend and present at all meetings and network

• Listed on “Hot Sheets” circulated regularly to affiliates and vendors

• Receive a listing on Rapid Time News, on-line newspaper

• Advertise on our Classified Advertising site

• Participate in RTN radio program

• Have your tweets re-tweeted to over 200,000 people

• Free listing on Smart Guy hyper-local directory

• Access hundreds of key connections from our members that might support your business

• Ability to submit blogs that will raise your profile

• Join and promote your business

• Access to advice from the leading and most successful networkers in Canada


For more information, go to our website .