NEXT SHOW – We are streaming LIVE at 5.30pm every other Thursday evening.

We will be featuring a string of interviews with our vendor partners. Text feedback and questions to (604) 219 3610

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Join us every other Thursday evening LIVE in Glorious 1080p HD

Come on down to StRut studios in Yaletown and watch us film LIVE & in person.

Join in, be part of our audience and prepare your own Vendor partner offering for our Rapid Time Affiliate Network.

If you want your vendor offer profiled in the future, either on the webinar, the video session or one of our meetups, simply fill out the form below and we’ll schedule you in.

Q. Is the video for a vendor the same as the interview at Strut Studios?

A. The video is the interview we conduct during the lunchtime show. We can edit out your section and give it to you to stream wherever you want. If you want additional camera time you can arrange that with Anne Stadnyk at StRut studios and it is a commission-able product.

Q. Is there a preferred structure for the interview?

A. We will firm up guidelines as we move forward. We want to keep the interviews under five minutes and have them be as real and engaging as possible. You can send us graphics websites or powerpoint to accompany our chat and you can even seed questions if you wish. We will try and keep it to “what you do what makes you different?” and “what is an ideal lead?” and “what’s in it for the affiliate to promote you?” etc…

Whatever yo do DO NOT WEAR GREEN! – We shoot against a green screen backdrop and if your clothes match too closely the background, whatever we project behind us will show as your clothes – Kinda cool but not the look you want!

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