As Questions Arise we will post responses and compile our FAQ page.

Pretty straightforward so far it seems…

Q1. Can someone outside of Vancouver sign up?

A. Absolutely, we are focusing on the Vancouver market and are looking for vendor partners who can service that market specifically but anyone can become an affiliate and promote our program.

Q2. How do I sign up as an Affiliate?

A. Click Join (under the logo) &/or Watch this video explanation

Q3. I completed the affiliate join process but not the payment page. How can I get back and complete my payment to become an affiliate?

A. Follow this link and select the top option to pay $59.95 to become an Affiliate or the second Paypal button to pay $249.95 to be both an affiliate and a vendor partner at the discounted rate.

Or you can send a cheque or money order to us by snail mail simply fill out this form

incl. HST the amounts are $262.45 or $62.95

Or, to pay with trade click here.

Q4. I joined as an affiliate but want to upgrade now and promote my own products or services to the network.

A. Not only can you upgrade but we will give you the discounted rate of only $195 because you are already an affiliate. Click below to upgrade today and we’ll send you your template to complete.

Q5. How do I set up my Vendor offer?

A. If you paid to become a vendor partner you will have received this link to a template to complete to set up your offer to the network. If you have not received this emailed link, check your junk email box to make sure you are receiving emails and if not then contact us at 604 219 3610.

Here is a vendor training checklist to follow

Q6. I joined on barter but am sent to a payment link.

A. Don’t worry just ignore the payment page; we will be notified of your payment and send you confirmation links and passwords.

Q7. Can I promote multiple products to the network?

A. Yes, If you would like to promote multiple product offerings to the Affiliate network you can do so by simply paying an additional $50 per additional product or service.

Remit the payment for $50 or whatever multiple thereof by clicking the paypal add to cart button below.

Once payment has been remitted successfully you will be forwarded the vendor setup page:
Once one product is submitted to us refresh the link and resubmit the refreshed empty form for the appropriate number of products corresponding to the submitted payment.


Q8. Is there a presentation I can use to show to a potential new member?

A. Yes, there is. However, we strongly recommend pointing your interested party to one of the tools we provide. Such as the Monday evening webinar; StRut Studios on Wednesdays at 11:30 for the LIVE noon Video feed; or the Buzz cafe at 7am Friday mornings, or any of our Community Business Development Meetups. The information they need is far better received coming from one of us.

Click to download the PowerPoint file to your computer. Approved PowerPoint Presentation.

Q9.  Is there a limit to the number of people per profession? ie only one realtor or mortgage broker…

A.  No, we do not place limits, it’s a free market and there is no favouritism or protected areas. It is up to the individual Vendor Partner to effectively attract the attention of the Network utilizing our tools.

Q10. How many members do yo have?

A. As a private company we will not ever release those numbers. Suffice to say we are growing rapidly in every are opened thus far. You should attend a local meetup and gauge for yourself the calibre and quantity of the members in attendance and see if you think there’s a fit for your business.

Q11. Pricing, Will the price of membership increase?

A. As our network grows and the value continues to rise so will prices of membership inevitably. As an early adopter however we guarantee that the price you pay to join today as and affiliate, Vendor Partner or both will be grandfathered.

Q12. As a Vendor Partner do I have to join up in each territory in order to be able to attend and promote my products or services?

A. No, One price get’s you in everywhere in which we operate. You do not have to join each territory again?

Q13. Can I submit the same lead to more than one Vendor?

A. Yes, in fact we encourage you to do so. Nothing is more powerful than giving your contact the choice of quality providers. It also doubles your chance of closing the deal!

Q14. How do I know the deal I referred was closed.

A. Generally you’ll know the contact your referring and will know immediately the deal gets done. You refer a lead for your neighbours house to be repainted, you’ll see when a deal gets done! ;-) We encourage the referring affiliate to follow up both with the vendor and the lead. There is an element of the honour system which 95% of people will adhere to anyway and we don’t want to make the process of checks and balances onerous on anyone. We are integrating and beta testing an online CRM (customer relations management) system that will give vendors and affiliates alike an online system for tracking the progress of all your deals.

Q15. I closed the deal on a lead submitted through the network. How do I pay the commission?

A. Go here we’ll generate an invoice for you; you pay us, we pay the commission to those involved. Simple…

Q16. Can I shcedule a time to present my business offer to the network?

A. Yes just follow this link and complete the form

Q17. Is the video for a vendor the same as the interview at Strut Studios?

A. The video is the interview we conduct during the lunchtime show. We can edit out your section and give it to you to stream wherever you want. If you want additional camera time you can arrange that with Anne Stadnyk at StRut studios and it is a commission-able product.

Q18. Is there a preferred structure for the interview?

A. We will firm up guidelines as we move forward. We want to keep the interviews under five minutes and have them be as real and engaging as possible. You can send us graphics websites or powerpoint to accompany our chat and you can even seed questions if you wish. We will try and keep it to “what you do what makes you different?” and “what is an ideal lead?” and “what’s in it for the affiliate to promote you?” etc… To schedule your interview click here

Q.19 Can I contribute to Rapid Time News?

A. As a vendor partner you are allowed to blog about your area of expertise on our collaborative blog, Rapid Time News. You must first apply to be part of the team and set up your profile click here to get set up.

Q.20 When will the next vendor partner training be?

A. Check our meet up for the scheduled events. They will rotate through our communities on a regular basis.

Here’s a check list – vendor training

Here’s a recording…